After years of planning, designing  and construction, the Jacquelyn Paulk Campus

is up and running!



Meet SOAR graduate Aliyah Cunningham!

Ms. Aliyah Cunningham, one of SOAR's  earliest graduates, entered Yale University  this past year. 

As she completed her first year, one of her teachers reported that Aliyah  is one of the  strongest students

in the school's incoming freshman class!

This past June, Aliyah was featured on Black Almanac, hosted by Renée Gilmore on our local ABC affiliate.  Click here to view the entire interview— you'll be inspired!

Aliyah at SOAR...

... and on Black Almanac


There are so many ways to help:

your time, experience

and skills

by check or credit card— it's simple!

a chair, desk, computer, or a classroom!



Meet SOAR founder Mrs. Jacquelyn Paulk

From its inception, the SOAR program was made possible by Mrs. Jacquelyn Paulk, who envisioned, launched and oversees the program.

Mrs. Paulk has dedicated her entire career to lifting children out 
of failure and hopelessness— and into reaching their unlimited potential.  For 38 years, she taught in the Sarasota school district in several local schools. She both organized and implemented after-school programs in the Boys and Girls club, The Sarasota Housing Authority, and Greater Hurst Chapel AME Church. After retirement, she began working on after-school education programs for community youth.

The SOAR program embodies her approach to individualized learning.  It focuses on evaluating each child's individual needs, 
and only then customizing a course of learning for them— utilizing both small teacher-led groups and individual learning.

Several years ago, in an interview, Mrs. Paulk shared her thoughts, simple and touching:  “Now that I have a little time, I can reach back and help. Maybe they can get a little better education and move on.”


We are grateful to our special partners and donors who have generously provided funding, resources, services and guidance. 

Thanks to our major partners!

The David, Adrianne and 

     Jordan Rubin Fund

Scott & Christine Key

Education Foundation

Sarasota Southside

Rotary Club

Greater Hurst Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church

Hilda and Ben Flink Charitable Fund

   Dr. Louis

Robison EdD

Larry Greenspon Foundation

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Gene and Roxanne Weborg

Dr. Rob and Joyce

      Fish, DDS

sweet sparkman logo.png

The Hurlburt

Foundation, Inc.


And thank you to all our other donors for your

generous gifts and contributions!  

Mr. & Mrs. Roberto Arguedas

Audrey Warner, Dir.  The Baird Foundation

Lisa and Dan Barzel Charitable Fund

Patricia Bobeck

Linda Commito​

Michael E.Dahl

Cindy Cavallaro Day 

Deanie with The Democratic Club

Bob and Bennie Dods

Ellyn S. Drummond​

Dr. Wilmer T. Frazier Jr. and Juanita P. Frazier  

Alfred and Evelyn Gollomp

Rita Major-Hallerdin

Lovette Harper

Radiah Harper

Marilyn Harwell

Fayanne Hayes​

Mikel and Francina Hollaway

Rita Katz

Lyyne LaBombard​

Mr. & Mrs. Abdiel Lorente

Patricia and Michael McNamee

Lois Meyers

Cynthia Mick

Dr. Harriet Moore

Jeff Murphy

Karin Murphy

Vickie Oldham

William Penn Foundation

Jesse Perry

Mary Pritchard

Agnieszka Gruszecka & Ilona Ratajczak

Ms. Felice Schulaner and Mr. Dennis Rees

Lisa L. Russo

Patricia A. Gardner with Sarasota Classified      Teachers Association

Daisy Saunders

Sandra Schelzi

Dr. Cheryl Smith

Roland and Cheryl Snead

Jerry Sparkman

Russell and Sharon Stephens

Susan Stockham

Fern Tavalin

John and Barbara Teller

Cynthia Viola

Bernard and Lois Watson

Dr. James W. Wiggin

Mr & Mrs. Daniel Woodhall

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