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Our Amazing Campus


Every aspect of the site design for SOAR was conceived with the students in mind. To properly house an after-school program, the building was designed to be more intimate than a traditional school, and as inviting as a home. The walkways are child-sized, while the outer walls reach skyward to allow imaginations to soar. The courtyard and playground feature real grass, mulch and trees to create a natural environment for learning.

At SOAR, each interior space is a playful but powerful environ-ment in which the students’ success is built into the design and construction.  Quality materials, state-of-the-art equipment, and thoughtful layouts create the perfect place for learning.

A few days before opening in October 2019, we took some early photos of (1) Our main entrance from the courtyard, with the library wall on the right; (2) our reception area; and (3) our snack kitchen!  

soar 3 SM.jpg
soar 5 SM.jpg
soar 4 SM.jpg

Here are our colorful classrooms!  Green is kindergarten; yellow is first grade;  blue is second grade;  red is third grade (and the homework/ math room):

Homework room.jpg
_92A9520 2.jpg
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