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No, you can't adopt our students— but you can adopt their dreams!  And their dreams start with
a solid academic experience at SOAR Learning Center.  Can you sponsor one or more students
for a week at SOAR?  A month?  Anything you
can do to support them will go a long way toward helping them to SOAR:

What each students receives at SOAR:

•  After-school assistance with homework
•  Nutritious afternoon snacks
•  Quality remedial reading and math instruction
•  Family literacy support   •  Family assistance in securing vital community resources.

What each student costs us:

Per year:     $5,000.00
Per month:  $  416.00
Per week:    $  100.00
Per day:       $    20.00

If you can adopt one of our amazing students for a day, a week, a month, or even a year, PLEASE go to our DONATION portal!  Our friends at the Flanzer Trust will be happy to match the first $500. of your donation


Welcome to the

SOAR Adoption Center!


by check or credit card— it's simple!

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