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The SOAR Adoption Center

    is now open for business!

Welcome— and thank you for visiting with us! To make the process as friendly as possible, we have arranged the adoptable items starting with the most affordable.

We know you'll find something that fits your giving ability. And don't be afraid to scroll down to see what some of your neighbors have adopted...!

When you make your donation by check or credit card, simply let us know what item you wish to adopt.  We'll make sure to use your donation to purchase that item.  

In some cases, we may purchase an alternate model in order to get the most value for the donation!

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Rectangular desk.jpg
Circular desk.jpg
computer for adopt.jpg

General donations

Help us to create a first-rate learning environment for our students!  Your gift will help purchase the following items:


•   School supplies      •   Student chairs and tables 

•   Bookshelves   •  Storage bins   •  Kitchen supplies

 •  Bulletin boards  •  Landscaping

Your gift of  $25,  $35, $50, $100, $500 or more will help keep us supplied with all these critical needs.

Adoptable items:

Tables for outdoor  

learning area (4)              Help us with a gift of  $ 500.00/ea.

Digital message board     Help us with a gift of  $ 500.00


microwave                       Help us with a gift of  $ 1,500.00

Built-in Storage in

each classroom  (4)    Help us with a gift of  $ 2,000.00/ class

Computers  (10)                    

and Interactive

Displays (4)                  $ 20,000.00                 Adopted

    All computers and displays have been adopted by the Rotary Club of Sarasota Southside, Gene and Roxanne Weborg, and Michael Saunders Corporation. 

Homework room 1        Help us with your gift of $ 50,000.00

Homework room 2        Help us with your gift of $ 50,000.00

Library                           $ 100,000.00                 Adopted

   Adopted by Rotary of Sarasota Southside

Classroom 1                 $ 100,000.00                  Adopted

  Adopted by The Scott and Christine Education Foundation

Classroom 2                 $ 100,000.00                  Adopted

  Adopted by The David, Adrianne and Jordan Rubin Fund

Classroom 3                 $ 100,000.00                  Adopted


Classroom 4                 Help us with your gift of $ 100,000.00

We are adding new items each month... please check back with us!

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