Our Board of Directors

David Rubin, Chairman

David Rubin is a local business owner who has lived in the Sarasota community for 20 years. He taught in the NYC school system, and has  a deep passion for education and  how it supports the vision of a healthy community.   See full bio.

Dr. Harriet Moore​

Dr. Harriet Moore is currently principal of McIntosh Middle School.  She has been assistant principal at Riverview High School in Sarasota and at Manatee and Palmetto high schools in Manatee County.   See full bio.

Francina Hollaway

Francina Hollaway has had twenty years experience in Accounting and Financial Services.  She earned her BS in Finance at FSU, and holds an MBA from Nova University.  See full bio.

Scott Key

Scott Key has three decades of global experience in business-to-business Information and Technology as a Fortune 500 CEO, and has served as President, COO and CEO  of organizations around the world.    See full bio.

Richard Gilmore

Richard Gilmore has twenty-five

years of experience managing

business operations analysis, strategic planning, information technology and community board leadership.    See full bio.

Pastor Keturah Pittman

Pastor Keturah Pittman is Pastor

of Greater Hurst Chapel AME Church, Sarasota, Florida. She

taught at Campbell Park Elementary School and was Adjunct Academic Advisor at St. Petersburg Junior College.     See full bio.

Floyd Hill

Floyd Hill was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida. He attended Florida A&M University on a Presidential Scholarship and majored in Computer Information Systems and Mathematical Science. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1998.  See full bio.

Pedro Melendez

Pedro Melendez recently retired

from his position as a Bi-lingual School Social Worker in the Dept. 

of Pupil Support Services of the Sarasota School Board. See full bio.

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