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Studies show that students who cannot read by the beginning of the fourth grade  have an 85% probability of dropping out before they graduate high school. 


     Enter SOAR Learning Center, a community-based education program through which at-risk students K-3 can achieve grade level reading and math skills while nurturing a true love of learning — in partnership with parents, schools and the community itself.  More than just a tutoring or homework-assist program, SOAR is a highly-specialized process through which student deficiencies are uncovered, analyzed, and then remedied through customized learning plans. 

Even in the school's former cramped quarters, Mrs. Paulk and her dedicated staff helped countless students who were falling dangerously behind in reading— and helped them to get back on track, back onto their educational path, and into a new life of hope and possibilities. What the program needed was a new home, and that home just opened its doors.

     Located in the heart of North Sarasota's Newtown community, SOAR Learning Center will be a model program— a learning laboratory not only for students, but for teachers and educators from all over the community.  With our amazing new state-of-the-art facility now open, there is no limit to what our community, and its children, can achieve.  

But we need your help.  If you ever wanted to make a difference, this is the way, and now is the time.  Come SOAR with us!

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