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Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to provide exemplary academic support programs and services that enrich the learning experiences of children within a community where all children develop academic excellence, civic literacy, and a healthy lifestyle.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, individually focused learning during after school hours that prepares disadvantaged K-3 children for academic and life success based on their unique needs and goals, within in a safe, supportive, educational infrastructure, in partnership with families, community and schools.

Our Program Strategies

Focus on grades k-3, to ensure students master the foundational skills to read on grade level by the end of third grade, then they will be more likely to succeed academically and graduate from high school ready to succeed in college or in careers. 


Provide an easily accessible facility designed with the flexibility to adapt in ways that best meet the student’s needs.

Implement a curriculum that is academically engaging, aligned with the Florida State Common Core Standards, with a focus on the learner.


Employ effective teachers who are attentive to the needs of students, with an understanding of the culture of poverty and the Newtown community.


Design a program curriculum which incorporates the use of technology, that prepares students for the electronic requirements and demands of the 21st Century; and enhance the quality of instruction by developing a variety of individualized, differentiated lessons that are flexible, and adaptable to different learning styles.


Utilize assessments in an encouraging manner that provide evidence of student learning gains and sound, quality teaching strategies by teachers.


Include the most powerful influential tool in history that motivates students to learn, “parental involvement”.


Provide an infrastructure that will build a unified, comprehensive work force of trained community tutors. Provide community service opportunities for college, and high school students fulfilling their need for field experience, community service hours toward scholarships respectively. 

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