It's been a few weeks since we closed the Center and, like you, we are praying that we will soon see the children's beautiful faces in the classrooms.  For now, the school is closed, but the learning continues.

We are continuing to pay our dedicated teachers, and they are working hard to maintain an effective, heartfelt connection with their students (AND their parents) so they may stay connected to their learning.

To accomplish this, they are making the most creative take-home learning packets with lessons, exercises and learning tools; and, they are connected by phone to the parents and students to offer guidance and encouragement. Here are some  of our delighted parents picking up the packets for their children!

Now, we are preparing for a virtual summer school!

The challenges of getting a K-3 program online are huge.

But SOAR has been doing 'huge' ever since Mrs. Paulk started the program in the old building twenty years ago.

With the help of our friends at several local foundations, we are preparing to connect our students and their families to their teachers via laptops and Kindles— just in time to run a summer program.  This is yet another historic moment.

​Your support has made all this possible.  You helped us build this school... and we'll continue to do all we can to make you proud that you're a SOAR supporter!


With sincere appreciation,

Mrs. Celestine Campbell     Mrs. Jacquelyn Paulk       David Rubin

Program Director                    Founder                               Board Chair


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