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SOAR Adoption Center!

No, we are not adopting students— but we are adopting dreams!  Our 'Adoption Center' is filled with a wide array of nut-and-bolts things that our program needs to fulfill its mission— everything from chairs and desks to complete classrooms.  We hope you will find something that is a perfect fit for your own goals and means.  Please be assured that your gift, of any size, will be cherished by our students far into their bright future!

To the team:

This page, and the giving program it represents, requires a few more weeks of work— and needs to input of those well versed in the legal and financial details of not-for-profit fund-raising.  When it's finished, it hopefully will be engaging and effective.


Naming Opportunity                         Level                              Donor                        Available                                                   


Classroom                                          $100,000                                                             Yes

Office                                                $100,000 

Storage Area                                      $100,000 


Check in Area                                     $75,000                                                                Yes


Library room                                       $50,000                                                                Yes

Multipurpose Room                                        


Partition Wall                                       $40,000 


Courtyard Shade Structure                     $50,000           THE ROTARY SARASOTA              Reserved                                                                                   

Kitchen                                                $30,000                                                               Yes 

Computer                                             $25,000 

Teacher Volunteer Area                          $20,000  

Interior Building Signage                        $12,000                                                               Yes


Water Fountains                                    $10,000                                                               Yes


Garden                                                 $5,000                                                           Reserved


SMART BOARDS                                     $2,500                                                       Two Reserved


Benches                                                $2,500                                                                 Yes


Donor Wall Listing                                 (Donors at $2,500 or above) 


NEW! Trees                                            $2,500 


Commemorative Bricks       Approximately 362; Order asap     $250 Order online Now


Thank You to our Official Partners and Co-Sponsors

SOAR Learning Center, Inc. P.O. Box 51917  Sarasota, FL 34232   Jacquelyn Paulk Campus

2731 N. Links Ave. Sarasota, FL 34234  soarlearningcenter@gmail.com