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SOAR is open— and rocking it!

We did it!  After months of preparation, our amazing school—

under the guidance of our equally amazing founder, director and teachers— reopened its doors for the first time since this past March.  The children are so happy to be back!

We also know that unless we and the rest of the school district 

do this right, we could be back to distance learning in the near future. And if need be, we are ready for that.  But for now, we are loving having our little scholars in the school, and continuing the gains we made during our virtual Summer Program.  

If you'd like to learn more about our Covid protocols, you can review them here:  Reopening Protocol Document

Learning place valueSM.jpg
Piquing the interestSM.jpg
Recognizing letters SM.jpg

The children enjoying their studies while following all our Covid guideliness for safety. Founder Mrs. Paulk can be seen in the back preparing materials in support of the children's learning.

A community-based education program through which K-3 students achieve grade-level reading skills while nurturing

a true love of learning - in partnership with parents, schools and the community  

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