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Step 1: To make a

donation to the SOAR

Learning Center Fund, 

click on the DONATE

NOW button at the

bottom of this page.


This will take you directly

to Community Foundation 

of Sarasota County

"Give  N​ow" page:


Please read all directions before proceeding to the Community Foundation site:

Step 2:   Click on the drop down arrow on the box to "Select Fund or Cause" and scroll down the list to the SOAR Learning Center Fund


Step 3:  Enter secure credit information.  And please check the box that allows the foundation to share your name, address and donation amount with us, so we may appropriately thank you. 

Step 4:  Finally, you will see a box in which you can leave us a note with any specific information about your donation, including your wishes to adopt a piece of the school! 

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